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In these most difficult times of war and humanitarian catastrophe , TAOMI supports our Ukrainian friends and colleagues and bears witness to their strength, resilience and resolve in their fight for the right to independence and self-agency.
TAOMI is preparing webinars and support groups to help us all cope with the consequences of war and migration, and build a proper understanding of what is needed right now and in the years to come. In the next few days there will be more information and links to connect.
The founders of TAOMI, Julia, Susan and Mārtiņš, have been connected to Ukraine for more than 20 years. We are honoured to have contributed to significant mental health and social care services in Ukraine. Together with European colleagues, we continue to offer our professional support to DMTs, psychologists, counsellors and other professionals who bring help to the Ukrainian people.

У ці найскладніші часи війни та гуманітарної катастрофи TAOMI підтримує наших українських друзів і колег, і свідчить про їхню силу, стійкість і рішучість у боротьбі за право на незалежність і самовиявлення. TAOMI готує вебінари та групи підтримки, щоб допомогти нам усім впоратися з наслідками війни та міграції, а також створити правильне розуміння того, що потрібно зараз і в найближчі роки.У найближчі кілька днів буде більше інформації та посилань для підключення.
Засновники TAOMI Юлія, Сьюзан та Мартінс пов'язані з Україною більше 20 років. Для нас велика честь зробити свiй внесок у справу охорони психічного здоров'я та соціальної допомоги в Україні. Разом з європейськими колегами ми продовжуємо надавати професійну підтримку Танцювально - руховим психологам, консультантам та іншим фахівцям, які несуть допомогу українському народу.

About us
TAOMI - Therapeutic Art of Movement Institute is established to provide education and professional development in the field of Dance Movement Therapy.

TAOMI welcomes Dance Movement Therapists and other allied professionals with the aim to develop an inspirational community for learning and growing, on-line and in person.

Our passion is the art (and the science) of movement. We are committed to the efficacy of experiential learning – embodied active engagement in the learning process.

TAOMI's mission is to build an international community of helping professionals who use the movement arts and creativity in their healing practice. We know, without doubt, that mental health and well-being can only be truly accomplished when we combine the moving and creative body with verbal processing. We are honoured that European colleagues are willing to share their expertise and join with us in our desire to make a difference in this challenging world.

OUR courses
TAOMI offers webinars, therapeutic groups, professional training, personal development groups and informal discussion forums.

Past events
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Our students about us
I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the zoom group with the professional community from around the world. Great knowledge and experience from specialists, beautiful activities and the opportunity to connect on a professional and personal level. Valuable literature. A wealth of experiencing and exploring, which will be revealed to me for a long time to come. I am waiting for the next meetings.

Joanna Bładzikowska

I am fully impressed by the highly professional level of organizers and trainers that shared their knowledge and experience, as well as the warm atmosphere, convenience and technical access and interaction with the such interesting colleagues from all around the world. I'm very grateful to the whole team for the opportunity to attend this course.

Nadezhda Karpovich

First time since 2020 I was attending webinar about such embodied theme. So mindblowing!! I am in 3 dimentions and I know that everybody in other side of the flat sreen also are breathing, feeling, sensing beings. All moving together at the same time in different parts of the world. They are speaking in DMT language which seems like my native language. And it is warm and cozy. And then I realized that if there was not covid, I probably couldnt't attend such event. This time gives many challenges but also some opportunities which I am thankful for.

TAOMI founders
Susan Scarth
Senior DMT practitioner, supervisor, educator, certified Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA) Susan runs a private practice in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is an international guest lecturer/tutor on European DMT programmes and collaborates with Estonia and Lithuania DMT Associations & Whole Movement - to provide a course in Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) for Therapists. Susan has been proactive in her national and European DMT associations over many years.

Julia Morozova
Senior DMT practitioner, supervisor, trainer.
Julia is currently working in private practice in the Netherlands, with both individuals and groups, and teaching on DMT programmes in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries. She is on the Dutch DMT Association Board.

Mārtiņš Etkins
Business Administration, DMT practitioner.
Mārtiņš practice as DMT at National Rehabilitation Center “Vaivari“ (Latvia), he is a Board member of Latvian Association of DMT. He obtains a professional bachelor degree in financing, business experience since 2002

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