Grief and Loss

Through the Body

Online intensive course

Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele
Tamsin Grainger

Nov 8th - Dec 20th 2022
Why this course
Everyday people face the grief of the death of family and friends, colleagues and mentors, and the loss of their friendship, support and compassion. There are other losses too – of limbs, of home, of ground, of dignity and of trust as personal and community boundaries are breached. The loss of a companion or partner can move us deeply, and the passing of a pet can have equally distressing consequences – but we never stop loving, caring and forming new bonds that will bring us joy, even when we know there is an ultimate end.

The human condition requires communion – a joining together of souls, minds, hearts and dreams. We spend our lives seeking connection to other – and as we mature this is also realised as a deep connection to self. The risk of making connection is the risk of loss. Meeting the emotions of that loss can disturb the whole system, whereby the organs register their grief and a deep sense of pain and emptiness, and resilience is compromised.

  • Sometimes we turn our back and face only the births and connections that bring joy and vitality – but we soon turn again to face the reality of our fragilities and own destructiveness.
  • How can we digest our losses more fully and find nurture as we grow anew?
  • Moving with the client to encourage grounding, while engaging a light touch that meets the rhythm of the client's breath, will access a more centred sense of being. Thus we can enable the client to face their distress with courage and regain the necessary resilience to deal with the riskiness of living.
Aims of the course:

To explore in the round the many aspects of Grief and Loss in the human life-cycle – whether met too early or at a timely moment.

• Bring the group together to discuss the embodiment of grief and loss

• Introduce somatic approaches to support living through these difficult emotions

• Enable participants to consider the many stages of grief and loss and how they manifest

• Identify supportive and creative interventions to enable reflection, and strengthen resilience
"If [the client] can keep his feet on the earth he will continue to function, and the new information will be processed."

Tamsin Grainger
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Our tutors
Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele
Dr., rer, medic , Germany
Studied DMT in Canada, CAT in Switzerland and did her doctorate on DMT in Germany. Teaching Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor BTD, European Certificate of Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, KMP notator, author of over 70 articles and book chapters, co-editor of the German journal for body psychotherapy and creative arts therapies „körper-tanz-bewegung". Co-Principal of the Langen Institute for Dance Therapy, Düsseldorf for 35 years. Currently a lecturer and researcher at the German Sport University, Cologne and the University of Fine Art, Dresden. Over 35 years of experience in clinical institutions for psychiatry, psychosomatics, psychotherapy, and in corporate health management, her current private practice specializes in trauma-related disorders.
Tamsin Grainger
Tamsin Grainger trained at the Laban Centre in London (1982-85) and worked as a Dance Animateur and Dance Artist in Residence in the Forest of Dean, Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh (UK).

She qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1992 and has had a thriving practice for over 30 years, establishing The Shiatsu School Edinburgh in 2000, and now known internationally as a Shiatsu teacher, presenting her work with babies and children, cancer and chronic illness, and in the area of death and loss. She has several years of experience working with end-of-life care at an Edinburgh hospice.

Her first book, 'Working with Death and Loss in Shiatsu Practice, a holistic guide to bodywork in palliative care' was published by Singing Dragon (Hachette) in the UK and the US in August 2020.

As a teacher, Tamsin has presented Autumn Leaves Fall, her work on grief at the European Shiatsu Congress in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Touch for Grief and Loss at the Embodiment Conference; co-presented On Death and Life; and has been a guest on many grief and other podcasts. She is also a Death Café host.


Our curators
Julia Morozova
Alkmaar, Netherlands, director of TAOMI
Senior DMT practitioner, supervisor, trainer.

Julia is currently working in private practice in the Netherlands, with both individuals and groups, and teaching on DMT programmes in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries. She is on the Dutch DMT Association Board.

Susan Scarth
Edinburgh, UK, director of TAOMI
Senior DMT practitioner, supervisor, trainer, Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA)

Susan runs a private practice in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is an international trainer on EU DMT programmes and is currently collaborating with DMT Associations in the Balkans and Whole Movement to run Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) for Therapists programmes. Susan has recently completed her active involvement with EADMT as President (2010-2016) and Training Standards coordinator (2016-2022).

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